“The Yoga4Wellness program guides individuals through trauma-sensitive movement and breath to empower them to strengthen their bodies and cultivate self-awareness. Mindfulness techniques are used throughout class to foster a connection with the present moment and release thoughts of the past or worries of the future.”

-Nicole, YOGA4YOU founder

Scientific studies have shown that yoga decreases the sympathetic nervous system’s reactive response and increases the parasympathetic relaxation response, enabling individuals to relax and calm the mind. Current research is revealing that yoga may help individuals increase emotional awareness and better tolerate responses associated with fear and helplessness. 

The Yoga4Wellness program provides trauma-sensitive services to:

  • Veterans
  • Individuals living in shelters
  • Victims of domestic violence and human trafficking
  • People suffering from eating disorders and body image distress
  • Other victims of trauma as well as stress and anxiety disorders

Yoga4Wellness experts use breath and movement to increase interoceptive awareness and allow individuals to find ease in the present moment. The yoga movements are accessible for all populations and repetition is used to provide comfort and consistency. 

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