“I was inspired by my daughter’s sports teams to expand my teaching experience to service athletes by improving the dynamics of their mind, body, and performance.  I combine all forms of movement through specifically designed classes geared towards each athlete’s sport.”

-Tonya, YOGA4YOU founder and Yoga4Athletes ​creator

​Improve your game, recover more quickly, and help prevent injuries through yoga!​

Research has shown that practicing yoga alongside traditional training methods improves the components of fitness that enhance sports performance. The Yoga4Athletes program specializes in providing tools to athletes to enhance mind-body sport performance. ​

  • Mind – Learn basic breathing and visualization techniques to improve mental control and inspire presence, which promotes the power to focus. ​

  • Body – Work the entire core of the body, starting with the foundation of the feet. Our Yoga4Athletes experts will guide athletes through physical postures and transitions that will build strength, stability, and flexibility. With routine practice, athletes will be gifted with better balance, improved coordination, and enhanced body control.​

  • Sport – Increase range of motion, improve overall body mechanics, and minimize the overuse of muscles resulting from repetitive action. ​

  • Performance – Find a competitive edge and get in the ‘zone’. Connect breath mechanics to the musculoskeletal system and improve every part of performance, from endurance to power and speed. ​

To learn about Yoga4Athletes services, contact us at ​


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