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Tonya Catando, Founder, RYT


Tonya’s passion is guiding practitioners through a creative, dynamic, logically sequenced class in a progressive flow that informs the practitioner of a deeper understanding of the postures’ purpose for their body. Tonya continually updates her training while developing her own personal practice and teachings. Tonya is her best version of self when she is teaching and practicing yoga.  She truly loves to express and pass on to her yogis all she has experienced and learned through her wide range of practicing many forms of yoga with an extensive list of well-known Yogis from all over the world. 

More recently, Tonya was inspired by her daughter’s sports teams to expand her teaching experience to service Athletes by improving the dynamics of their mind, body, sport and performance.  Tonya combines all forms of movement with yoga into this Yoga4Athletes practice thru specifically designed classes geared towards each athlete’s sport.  

Vinyasa Krama (a step by step progression into something) is the heart and soul of my practice. When my body started to hurt and ache due to the hyper-speed pace and lack of progression of postures consistent with today’s vinyasa flow classes I decided it was time to prioritize and return to a pace of knowledgeable movement, mindful focus, and deep breathing. I intentionally design the flow of the postures to inform upon each other in a sequence that develops the strength and awareness needed for both the physical and mental benefit of the practice. Keen awareness of the purpose and the benefit of the postures is essential for an empowering vinyasa practice.

“Vinyasa Krama makes sense in my body and my mind; when I move slowly, with intention and progression, my energy flows like a wave of motion that connects me spiritually, this is a true reflection of my teaching style. Slowing down and feeling the breath in each posture empowers me to be present through my life-long journey of this practice of yoga” 

- Tonya